Photo of Katrina Stovold's face. She is looking at the camera and smiling.Katrina Stovold has a keen interest in equality, diversity, and inclusion. She has an impressive professional background with accomplishments ranging from working as a visual effects technician on blockbuster films like Star Wars: Episode One, The Mummy, and Galaxy Quest to earning the title of United States Marine. Along the way she has trained horses, published travel articles on numerous websites, and coordinated academic events and even an architectural festival. She is an experienced remote worker who excels at asynchronous communication.

“I am interested in work relating to diversity, equality, equity, inclusion, representation, and integration in media, particularly film and video game production. The conversation around these topics is starting to gain traction and it needs to be encouraged.”

In 2015 she received a Master’s degree in Digital Arts and Humanities from University College Cork. You can read her thesis here and see the accompanying wireframe here.

Katrina’s CV may be viewed on this website or on KatWorkz.com, which also houses samples of her other works.

She can be reached via LinkedIn or through the Contact page.