Cute Is Not Consent

Despite what the Irish court system would have you believe, what a person wears does not invite rape.

A 27 year old man was found not guilty of raping a 17 year old in Cork. As reported in the Evening Echo and several other newspapers, “In her closing address to the jury, a barrister told jurors they should have regard for the underwear the complainant wore on the night.” This is a classic case of victim blaming and it has no place in our society.

Other articles on the trial and the reaction to the outcome:

Since there seems to be some confusion on the part of the judiciary as well as the public about what does equal consent, this page has been set up with resources to educate and spread awareness. Sometimes the message is delivered through humour, other times it’s serious talk. There are videos and photos. Click on the tabs below to view.

For anyone thinking of taking part in a related demonstration or protest, I found this guide helpful:
How to make a sturdy, rain-proof protest sign

There’s a petition up: Stop victim blaming in Irish courts

Update: I’ll be posting media from the event as it comes to my attention. I just did a quick interview with BBC World Service (radio) that should be up later today. Will post link when available.

Update 2: Another protest is planned in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, on 20 November. Details here:

Update 3: From 28 Nov at 18:00 to 2 Dec at 11:00 in Dublin, there’s an “…exhibition in Street66 of clothing that sexual assault and rape survivors would have worn during their [assault].” Details here:




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This takes the discussion to another level. Understanding this key point – that only yes means yes – is something every judge, barrister, and jury needs to understand.




A handy graphic to remind you that ONLY yes means yes. Drinking does not mean yes. The absence of a “no” does not mean yes. Dancing does not mean yes. Even flirting does not mean yes. And what someone is wearing absolutely does not mean yes.


only yes is yes


The starting point of the demonstration.



The sign I took to the demonstration.


Sign in action.



Ed Fitzgerald (Candidate, People Before Profit in Cork) did a radio interview with RedFM about the demonstration.


The BBC saw my posts on social media and asked to interview me for a radio show the afternoon of the Cork demonstration.

The full interview, approximately 4 minutes in length, can be heard here beginning at the 28 minute mark:



The 1 minute clip from the interview linked in the above tweet can be heard here:


During the demonstration in Cork, one of the calls we chanted on our way to City Hall contained the phrase, “Yes means yes and no means no.” Doris, a classmate of mine who is deeply involved in feminism and equality causes in Cork, was unable to attend due to work. She was, however, inspired to write a poem about on Twitter.




Consent: 1. Permission that is sober, verbal, conscious, willingly given, enthusiastic, continuous and revocable. 2. Absolutely mandatory.

A visual reminder.

a pie chart showing the causes of rape. listed possibilities include short skirts, drinking, flirty behaviour, a promiscuous past, night time, and rapists. only the colour corresponding with "rapists" is used in the graph.





Two picture of thong underwear side by side.



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