MA Thesis

Building Diversity and Inclusion into the Media Production Pipeline


This research examines the problems relating to the lack of diversity in media production, particularly film and video games, and ways in which they can be addressed. Information was gathered from digital resources including online newspapers and magazines, the Internet Movie Database, televised interviews and YouTube videos, well-regarded business publications, blogs, and academic organisations specialising in gender and diversity studies. The relationship between staff composition and final product is discussed, as well as how this impacts financial returns and social perceptions of minorities. Game and film industry experts were interviewed to obtain information about their experiences with diversity in society and the work place. They were asked to propose solutions on how to address the underlying issues. Many participants believe greater awareness of diversity issues should be an intrinsic part of educational and work environments. Suggestions for positive change were collected and categorised for use in developing a mobile application. The application is intended to be utilised by professionals fulfilling a number of different roles within the entertainment industry. Conceptualisations for the application are laid out on, the accompanying digital artefact for this dissertation.

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Geena Davis

Geena Davis has been an activist for equality in film for many years. She has founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and the Bentonville Film Festival, among many other things. Here, then, is a paper I wrote about her for a for a film class.

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