Community Work

The work of Sudden OnSet is intersectional and transdisciplinary. Our aim is to elevate underrepresented voices in the Irish community using a multi-pronged approach that includes research, training, and media production. We draw on the talents and experience of community organisers and business owners living in Cork, Ireland, with a view to expanding our operations internationally.

Our founding team is made up of media professionals with a wide range of production experience, including visual effects on blockbuster film franchises like Star Wars, radio station management, podcast creation and marketing, and digital and online print production.



Headshot of Katrina Stovold.

Headshot of Arne Bakkevold

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Katrina Stovold


Women Producing Media

Arne Bakkevold


Technical Advisor/Editor

Joanna Dukkipati


Good Day News
Producer/Community Outreach



Sudden OnSet is developing a studio plan (studio name: People On Deck or POD) that supports cooperation with Irish research institutions. Katrina is currently two years into a PhD programme (on hold while producing a podcast for the Communicating Europe Initiative). She also works closely with the Women’s Studies and Sociology departments at University College Cork. It is through these collaborative efforts that the first Women Producing Media symposium was made possible. Additional partnerships with other departments within UCC, such as Film & Screen Media and the Department of Theatre are currently being developed.

In May of 2019, Katrina presented a paper titled Using Participatory Action Research in Media Studies: Social Justice in Three (or More) Dimensions at the annual Irish Screen Studies Seminar. It was inspired, in large part, by the work of Prof. Maggie O’Neill, who has recently taken over as head of the sociology department at UCC. As described in the abstract of the paper, “PAR requires community ‘buy-in’, a prerequisite that deftly curbs the saviour mindset frequently present in social justice undertakings.” Additionally, researchers “…work in and with communities to address issues in a context-specific manner, opening themselves up to listen and learn as much as record and analyse.” Katrina’s work examining best practices in building inclusive media production crews melds well with the social justice aspects of Sudden OnSet’s community support goals.



Arne hosted a popular morning radio show at P5 Solungen A, a station in Solør, Norway. He is a skilled interviewer, editor, and even web designer for marketing solutions. His skills in both technical undertakings and people management are a true asset to the team. We are currently negotiating a studio space for POD at a youth theatre that provides creative writing workshops. Arne will be providing training in voice recording techniques and editing to both the programme leaders and the young artists.

In Joanna’s previous work with Irish Radio International, people paid a low monthly fee to receive training, use the recording equipment, and produce their own podcasts. We plan to eventually base POD on a similar business model, but will cultivate our skills and reputation based on the in-kind arrangement we are establishing with the youth theatre. Perhaps of greater importance, we will investigate which specific training areas people from typically under-represented communities want help developing. The groups include women of all ethnicities, Irish Travellers, members of the LGBTQIA community, people with disabilities, and immigrants, particularly those from India/Bangladesh/Pakistan and the African diaspora. Based on what we discover together with community members, we’ll look at how we can best use our skills and resources to achieve those goals and make a better city for everyone.


Outreach & Networking

Joanna is extremely active in promoting community events that focus on diversity and inclusion, including Indian Summer, TEDxWomen, TEDxCorkSalon, Conversation Cafe, and the City of Sanctuary launch. She also publishes Good Day News, a local magazine about art events and uplifting news around Cork. She has worked in the non-profit sector in the role of marketing communications, public relations, and event management in Mozambique, India, Ireland, and Zimbabwe. Her event design and management journey began as a definite way to befriend Cork when she moved here in 2012. “I have tremendous faith in community spirit and am convinced that change begins with empathy.”



Nothing is truly accessible of one has to continually ask to be included. Our aim is to have all of our spaces and created media be as accessible to as many people as possible. This means finding a studio space that is wheelchair accessible, including toilet facilities, and producing media that can be consumed in a number of different ways. For example, the video shot during the Women Producing Media symposium will be transcribed into English and Irish to enable captions on YouTube and other video platforms. We will seek out funding for Irish Sign Language interpreters for events in the Republic of Ireland. We’ll also investigate the latest technology available to transcribe our podcasts into text for inclusion in show notes and on websites. We are actively looking to engage with a number of organisations that support people with disabilities to invite them to create content with us.


Projects – Past, Present, & Future

Following are some of the projects created by Katrina, Arne, and Joanna.

City of Sanctuary launch – Think-Speak-Do was hired to coordinate the launch of Cork City Council’s newest initiative. “The Cork City of Sanctuary (COS) movement is committed to making Cork a place of welcome, support and safety for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants and persons of migrant origin, where diversity is recognised and celebrated.” T-S-D has additional events planned that fall under the City of Sanctuary banner.

Conversation Cafe – An ongoing, monthly event taking place at the Cork City Library on Grand Parade. Coordinated by Think-Speak-Do Community Events.

Good Day News – Cork’s positive news magazine.

Irish Radio International (archival website)

Many Tongues of Cork – An evening of poetry celebrating our multi-cultural city that took place on 21st March, the International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Migrant Political Participation Cork (past event) – Engaging Migrants in Politics, Cork, took place on 22 September 2018 and was a learning conference focused on political rights.

TEDx in Malta – Planned event for 2020 in partnership with Prof. Brenda Murphy and the University of Malta. Prof. Murphy spoke at the Women Producing Media symposium in Cork in March 2019.

That’s What She Said (archival website) – Podcast by Joanna Dukkipati and Eimear Fitzgerald.

Think-Speak-Do – Designs bespoke interactive community events that enable active citizenship, community dialogue and personal wellness.

TourAbsurd – Travel blog dedicated to humour and humanity.

Women Producing Media – Organisation designed to promote conversations, networking, and mutual support between women and non-binary people who produce media. The first symposium was held on 22 March 2019 at University College Cork, in cooperation with the Women’s Studies department.



If you would like to work with us in elevating the voices of Cork’s diverse population, or if you have any questions, please send us a message via our contact page.